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The Hybris – “What If" ~ An eye-opening statement about the world we live in!

"What If" by The Hybris sends a strong social message to everybody while rocking out to a highly danceable and “boppable” song. The song itself is a simple anthem about saving the world but I can easily picture it being the background of a strong movement.

The Hybris is an international alternative rock trio that formed in Germany but is now making music via a joint virtual recording studio—a set-up that seems to favor them well without any consequences as heard in their songs. If I didn’t know any better, I’d guess that the trio was an active touring band.

This setup tends to lend well to their music. They like to identify their music as one that often shows political attitude—as I previously said, like with the song What If. It is the perfect mix of attitude, messaging, and sound that one would want to keep spreading the good music these guys produce.

The song starts out with a strong drum and snare riff akin to We Will Rock You by Queen partnered with sharp funky sounding guitars. The bass enters at the same time as the vocals which quickly adds a strong character to the rebellious-sounding nature of the song. I especially liked the usage of the drum patterns during the verse parts—with the high usage of toms turning the song into a strong-sounding alternative track. The chorus parts almost emulate a garage rock feel that highly adds more interest to the contrasting verse part.

The song is a no-frills call to action that is hidden underneath a very enjoyable song. The lively nature of the track helps give the message a lighter tone even with the more serious statement. The track length really lends itself to having a short, direct, message, under a memorable melody that you surely won’t forget.

Listen to "What If" on Spotify here:

You can follow THE HYBRIS on Instagram here:

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