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The Daytime High - “The Reaper" ~ Don't fear the “Reaper"...embrace it!

In October, LA-based indie rock trio The Daytime High released their debut single "Reaper" via Wernicke Records. If they continue to put out tracks like this, they will have a bright future ahead.

A nicely atmospheric opening leads to the song proper, which could be best described as neo-psychedelia mixed with shoegaze and alt-rock. There are moments where vocalist Micael Johansson sounds a bit like Scott Weiland; in fact, the track would've fit in well on the late rocker's "Blaster" album...except this song is far better produced and mixed, aside from a slight bit of "clicking" at the beginning. Although it was intentional (it was panned from right to left after all), it was a bit superfluous. Really dug the way it transitioned to the verses as well…gave it a bit of an epic feel.

Other than that minor nitpick, "Reaper" is a well-mixed and performed song. The fact that this is their *debut* release speaks volumes about the level of talent involved. It’s great to hear great rock music in an age of over-processed pop and songs with more songwriters than letters in the alphabet. Indeed, this is one "Reaper" you won't need to fear (sorry, Blue Oyster Cult fans). Highly recommended!

Listen to "Reaper" on Spotify here:

You can check out The Daytime High’s website here:

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