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Terratara - “A Love, Tantalize” ~ Knows how to captivate the mind through sound!

Arabica coffee, a half-smoked cigarette, and crystals dangling around your neck - that’s what Terratara’s new single “A Love, Tantalize” feels like. The female artist leans on gypsy rhythms in this one for the benefit of the groove. Moving to this song is very fluid if I do say so myself :)

A downbeat prowess, instrumentation heard includes mandolins, shakers and bossa nova rhythmic bits. This sound “soup” transfers almost ethnic, untamed vibes yet brings back the center through vocal harmonies. A mark of great musicianship is to know when to ease up on adding more elements and just go with the song’s flow. After two thirds of the track, Terratara just completely immerses herself into the flow and starts humming the melody.

It’s very well likely we are going to see this artist ascending into more and more success in the future. Some things are inexplicable, but the way this artist knows how to captivate the mind through sound is a force to be reckoned with. Stick your ears in below!

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