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Taydem Shoesmith – “Are You Clapping" ~ Minimalist pop music + Futuristic sounds = Powerful message!

"Are You Clapping?" takes minimalism to a new level. Almost trance-like, Taydem Shoesmith takes her song in a hypnotic direction. Her voice is also enchanting in such a different way that it complements the music well. As if a call to “look at me now”, Taydem calls out to the listener with a straight tone and shows how capable she is of taking care of herself.

Taydem Shoesmith gives out the independent woman vibe with Are You Clapping. With a voice that could closely parallel someone like Halsey, the song wonderfully integrates her singing with the very futuristic-techno minimalist track.

The choice of using snaps and claps as percussion really helps the song create its niche and not sound overproduced. The synths used in the song provide a quick hit that vibes well with the percussion parts of the track.

While I wish the end riffs were more prevalent and that I had hoped a bridge or semi-adlib break would exist within the song, It was very enjoyable. Running at a little over four minutes, the track doesn’t stretch too much. As a slightly hypnotic-sounding song, it shifts just at the right times to create moments that help each part transition. "Are You Clapping?" gets your attention and keeps you listening to the track.

Listen to "Are You Clapping?" on Spotify here -

You can check out Taydem Shoesmith’s instagram here:

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