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Tatum Quinn – “Short Supply” ~ Girl Power and independence seething from a two-minute banger!

Tatum Quinn has used her two-and-a-half minutes very well with "Short Supply". The song is a bit on the short side, but it hits really hard. Think of Power Pop and Pop Rock from the early ‘00s but modernized for today’s day and age, and you get "Short Supply".

The strong drum riff is reminiscent of rallying calls—almost as if enticing others to join in this statement of independence. The strong guitar riffs are really great to add more power and aggression to the song without sounding out of place.

Lyric-wise, Tatum Quinn’s declaration of “I don’t care if you need me, I’m always going to be in Short Supply” is a firm statement of strength. The “Whoa, Whoa” which follows that line is also entertaining and a good complementary lyric to the otherwise strong message. It’s as if Tatum is mocking whoever the song is being sung to with the vocal riffs.

The easy nature of the chorus also helps differentiate the mood of the verse—a part that really comes off as powerful. The song feels empowering and would definitely interest those who need to build confidence and a tougher persona.

Listen to "Short Supply" on Spotify here:

You can check out Tatum Quinn’s website here:

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