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Tanay Gagrani - “Not cool enough to pull off punk, that's why I make cheesy love songs!”

Tanay Gagrani is our fresh new artist for today and he is blessing us with a deeply personal song to review. The song is called “Recluse” and has been kept as a voice memo on the phone for 3 years before being properly recorded!

The track is mainly a “guitar song”, involving acoustic arrangements where guitar is heavily involved with the rhythm and melody aspect. However, Tanay does well by modernizing it with contemporary elements. For one, you’d be lucky to find a pop song spanning over the 3 minute mark, and Tanay succeeds in adhering to nowadays’ shorter attention spans. Also, additional use of electronic hi-hats maintains the listener's interest. I really admire the straight-to-the-point and contrasting sections - you can tell his artistic intention to speak the message.

As always, our mission is to uncover and present the readers with emerging talent all over the world, and Tanay Gagrani appeared in our sights to manifest just that. Although the artist only has a couple of songs out at the moment, “Recluse” will be needing you to replay it cause it keeps granting certain nuances that only well thought out tracks give.

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