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Sydne Strauss – “Upstairs” ~ Such a tune that brings sensuality mingled with some party vibes!

"Upstairs" by Sydne Strauss starts off as a pop & r&b trap banger reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s "Positions" but quickly differentiates itself by taking a 180-degree turn into an almost hyper-pop territory to a positive effect.

Synde’s voice really lends well to the arrangement with the Taiwanese-American singer giving off a very sultry vibe. The lyrics tend to suggest a naughty yet held-back feel that she perfectly executes.

The simple plucks, bass, and drums arrangement really set the mood before the chorus sets in. Perhaps, it’s a good set-up to the eventual upbeat nature of the song. Once the break comes, the song just goes into full-on hyper-pop and party mode. The synths take over along with the vocaloid and the fast beats to turn the song into a whole experience.

In the two minutes and 15 seconds that the song runs, it’s a quick shift of moods that it’s a blink or miss effect that listeners would want to replay over & over without oversaturating itself.

"Upstairs" gets both moods right in the exact doses to craft a balance within the song.

Listen to "Upstairs" on Spotify here:

You can check out Sydne Strauss’s website here:

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