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Steve Yanek - “I Could Use A Little Rain” polarizes the mundane into exciting & complete!

The time is right for a review on Steve Yanek’s “I Could Use A Little Rain”. Right off the bat, I’m impressed how controlled and soothing Steve’s vocal abilities are. His lyricism, neutral accent and vocal timbre supersede the somewhat lackluster drum mixing. Although the percussion is dated, it can also be a huge, nostalgic selling point to a more older audience.

We cannot finish this review without delving deeper into the meaning and lyricism behind I Could Use A Little Rain. Now, normally rain is generally associated with feelings of sadness or grumpiness, but here the artist completely switches the narrative. Steve spells out phrases such as “another sad and sunny day” as unique metaphors for having unwelcoming feelings. This is polarized by wanting rain to wash off boredom - refreshing.

Ultimately, I like how Steve polarizes the mundane into the exciting, complete with a trained vocal tone and songwriting capabilities. Certified fresh!

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