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Steve Andrews' They, Say - David Bowie’s upper register & grandiosities of Electric Light Orchestra!

Here we have one of those acts that almost feels like their fan growth will reach a cult following 15 years. Not for any specifics, just the sheer amount of artistic innovativeness. This band superbly shows a premeditated artistic course of action. If we were to piece out how individual sounds complement the whole, we’d come to the conclusion that Rhodes piano is a sweet favorite of Steve Andrews.

A blend of David Bowie’s upper register coupled with grandiosities of Electric Light Orchestra is one thought that comes to mind for ‘They, Say’. However, I’m still not quite sure about the lyrical theme of this song. Perhaps one needs to come back to it again & again to fully grasp it.

Because we always go the extra mile and have been supplied with a YouTube link - no doubt the visual content will be assessed. I love that, despite it being a lyric video, the psych visuals and elements further extend what the band is all about - life and spirit.

Support this band by purchasing the album on Bandcamp.

Youtube -

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