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Stereo Print – “Closer” ~ Come closer and chill out with retro sounds and house vibes!

With “Closer”, Stereo Print presents a retro-inflected house-pop meditation. Heavy drums interplay with funky electric guitars and a heavily filtered bass guitar that drives the low end of the arrangement. With heavy vocal effects and intricate use of filtering effects, the song maintains a sense of interest from start to finish – a rare feat in a genre that tends to be more geared towards vibing out on the dance floor.

I call “Closer” a meditation because, although it’s sonically in line with a lot of house-inspired pop, even recalling the likes of Daft Punk, the song develops slowly, with a relaxed lyrical delivery from the vocalist and sparse guitar riffing. It would fit well on a chill-out playlist, or in the middle of an LP.

Stereo Print being a relatively fresh act, I’m led to understand that “Closer” is their first release which also has two cool versions. I’d love to hear them do something a little more upbeat on the next release – not because “Closer” is in any way disappointing, but because it demonstrates songwriting and production chops that deserve a strong – if conventional – vehicle like a pop single to really make an impact.

Nonetheless, “Closer” is a pleasant listen – I listened to it several times on repeat while writing this article, and it didn’t really get old – I’m sure fans of this style of music will be more than happy to add it to their regular rotation.

Listen to "Closer" on Spotify here -

You can check out Stereo Print’s instagram profile here:

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