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Smoke Spider - ‘Desolation' ~ The Swedish guys have a knack for using sounds unheard of!

We’re rejoicing at UFA because Smoke Spider is back! Our familiar rock band is coming out with a new single “Desolation” - and you know people here to listen. Let’s see what they concocted this time!

Well, right from the get-go we’re launched into a storytelling narrative, supplemented with a swell guitar progression. The Swedish guys have a knack for using sounds unheard of within their genre (like the ‘MY MINDDD!!’ scream just when the beat culminates haha). Using percussion elements like a shaker and softer drumming leaves room for melody. The chorus itself is “drive-y”, pushing forward until it’s message, the feeling of fleeting emotions, is carried across.

Personally, this whole body of work feels like a scene. Driving through the highway or across a safari race is where it transports me when I close my eyes. We finally have to mention that carefully crafted melodies are Smoke Spider’s forte - we know this consistency. If you could hear it for yourselves, then you’d know. Scroll down!

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