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Bad Bubble - “Silent & Awake” ~ Get ready for some Retro awesomeness!

It’s no secret that the 80s were awesome musically whether you prefer the earlier new wave sound of artists like Devo and New Order to the latter part of the decade or the adult contemporary sounds of Rod Stewart and Bruce Hornsby ruled the airwaves, there was something for everyone. “Silent and Awake”, the newest track from the immensely talented Bad Bubble (originally by Blondeking), would’ve fit on either side of the legendary decade.

The production is top-notch. It is no hyperbole to say this song is a real treat sonically especially on good-quality headphones. Everything about the production is top-notch A1, especially the way every instrument is meticulously panned. The lush mix makes everything sound suitably epic especially in regards to the vocals. The legendary Brian Eno would be proud as much of the sound of this wonderful song recalls his productions for U2.

Don’t get it twisted as the kids say…the sound may be retro, but there is nothing dated about this track. Indeed, rather than sounding like a mere, pastiche, “Silent and Awake” comes across more of an expertly painted homage to the sounds of the past, while still sounding vital to today’s music scene. This little slice of retro awesomeness is worthy of a spot on anybody’s playlist… you owe it to yourself to check this out. This is mature, synth-pop at its very best. Highly recommended.

Listen to "Silent & Awake" on Spotify here -

You can check out Bad Bubble’s website here:

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Bad Bubble
Bad Bubble
Jul 28, 2023

Thank you very much!


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