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Shayan Regan - It's Homemade Paris, almost reminding the listener to put on their dancing shoes!

Underrated Fresh Art met Shayan Regan around a pleasant time - when trees are starting to bear fruit and flowers wanting to burst. This positively influenced our listening time of “Homemade Paris”.

Homemade Paris is an alt rock song with a steady backbeat and some lush guitar overlaying the soundscape. Distorted, pumping bass guitar is also an important ingredient, almost reminding the listener to put on their dancing shoes. Danceable track in that sense! I like how the artist finds space for each instrument, lending its energy to make a succinct arrangement. Another honorable and earwormy aspect is his vocal “yodels”, they emphasize the spaciness/freedom of the track. On the flip side, I would personally play around with the dynamics of the arrangement, certain FX could have been brought up in the mix to pack an even more bedazzling punch.

Overall, we sense that Shayan Regan has a lot more up his sleeve. The artist cannot wait to demonstrate more of his vision, of course, only after introducing you to his world through Homemade Paris.

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