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Self Torque – “No Rest” ~ Self Torque is keeping punk rock exciting!

Self Torque delivers a very satisfying piece of punk rock with No Rest,” an energetic, off-kilter rocker of a song that combines definitively punk energy with indie pop sensibility.

Right off the bat, the song is fast and aggressive, opening with a loud, rhythmically varied intro that grabs your attention. Frontman Gabriel Pentin sings in a voice reminiscent of Robert Smith at his best, stating ‘there is no rest for the depressed’ over a distorted bassline in the verse. The chorus is absolutely mosh-pit-inducing, and as a lifelong fan of punk rock, I couldn’t help myself from doing a little head-banging as I listened to No Rest.

It’s refreshing to hear punk rock that is both well-performed and well-produced these days, to say nothing of musically interesting. The drums are a little off from the guitars and vocals, but not in a terribly disorienting way – this aspect of the arrangement adds a good bit of unusual forward motion to what could have been a stale song.

Overall, then, “No Rest” is a pretty good piece of music. It reminds me of all the best parts of punk/alt-rock/Britpop from days past, with nothing unnecessary or indulgent. The song’s just over two and a half minutes long, which – in my opinion – is the perfect length for any work of popular music.

No Rest” also has something a lot of music doesn’t these days: a distinctly live feel to it. I don’t know if it was recorded live in one take or multitracked together, but either way, it feels like a performance; I can practically envision myself jumping up and down in the crowd at the Self Torque show.

So, to Self Torque: good on you. You’ve made something old yet new; tried and true yet refreshing. And I’m here for it.

Listen to "No Rest" on Spotify here -

You can check out Self Torque’s website here:

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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