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Self-taught maniac - Exciting instrumentation & chord changes, a soulful voice with engaging lyrics!

We are very lucky to get to include all kinds of diverse talent here at the Underrated Fresh Artists, this time introducing a senior musician called “Self-taught maniac”. Self-taught maniac (a.k.a. Joergen Barkefors) is a classic soul and jazz-focused act with members coming from Sweden. Reminiscent of other similar feel-good bands, such as The Plommons or Silk Sonic, their mission is to dispel monotony stemming from industrious music-selling and embrace the only thing ever present in music - the vibes.

Sonically, they also deliver. Their newest single, “True to your dream”, catches your attention by eliciting nostalgic semblances in you. What I mean by that is, not many songs use accordion for their riff runs nowadays, yet Maniac does. I especially like the simple-but-effective 4 count transition leading into the chorus that evokes a sense of urgency, to which the string section elegantly answers. However, I do believe there are minor sustain issues on the first couple accordion notes. I do believe when Self-Taught Maniac lets the feeling guide his voice, that’s when their music gains miles of depth to it. ‘It’s totally okay to be confident in what you sing to the world!’ is what we say here at UFA.

Overall, this song feels like sitting next to the fireplace while having a laugh/reconnecting with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while. We are truly excited how this band will evolve and nourish their classic sound overtime. In the meantime, transport yourself into their world below!

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