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Scarlet Joy - ‘Lost At Sea' ~ Exploration of fleeting time and emotions!

Today we’re getting lost in the waves of sound that is Scarlet Joy. The three piece band have made considerable gestures in delivering quality work that festivals and independent venues are their natural forte.

Lost At Sea, their recently released element of sound is a wild gospel. Full of raw emotion, their grungy epitomy is bedrocked by the talented Sophia Woodcraft. Sophia’s bombastic vocal style denoted similarities to Evanescence here. The start of ‘Lost At Sea’ almost spells out as a siren song - tripled, reverbed vocals galore. I like how the band is always on the same page, projecting their creative talent capabilities into this one recording.

Speaking of lyrics, the frontwoman’s subject matter is her sense of fleeting time and yearning for action to do something. Because all these can’t be stopped, it feels as though she’s lost at sea. The analogy here is great and the creative vision works throughout

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