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Sahara Beck – “Mr. Breezy" ~ A really cool breeze of a song fit for your weekend relaxation!

"Mr. Breezy" feels like a breath of fresh air in today’s music scene. While not a new concept, Sahara Beck does a great job of following the footsteps of pop stars such as Paloma Faith, NIKI, and other similar tracks.

The song itself talks a lot about self-empowerment and love rolled up in a ball of positivity. The chorus is a catchy easy-to-remember bit that mentions the title coupled with some high-pitched notes in between to add character. In a way, you can hear a lot of familiar elements taken from other fun memorable pop songs.

It starts off with mellow synths playing with a mild bassline. This sets the tone for the whole song as the lyrics to come in a few seconds along with the drums. Speaking of drum patterns, she kept it simple by doing a basic 8-beat that turns off during the dramatic parts. This gives the song a very familiar yet unique tone.

Her voice has also a calm yet haunting charm that helps deliver the message of the song. The choice to add some vocal chops in between adds to the cuteness that the track emanates. It really feels like a feel-good song meant to make you calm, collected, and chill.

Sahara Beck’s Mr. Breezy hits the right notes it wants to. Memorable. Brief. Catchy. Simple. Familiar. All of these are high positives and this song will surely be an automatic add to your weekend playlist.

Listen to "Mr. Breezy" on Spotify here:

You can check out Sahara Beck’s website here:

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