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Ryal – “What I Mean To You" ~ Is a fun little love soundtrack amidst a deeper story!

Ryal manages to capture a sound that would fit right in the credits of a romantic comedy movie. "What I Mean To You" feels like a perfect culmination of a rollercoaster love story encased in an electric pop melody. While it sounds like your usual synth-pop song, vocalist Jacque Ryal’s delivery of the vocals really helps give that calming assurance.

Ryal is composed of singer/keyboardist Jacque Ryal and producer Aaron Nevezie. They are influenced by the works of Damon Albarn, Tame Impala, and Thom Yorke, to name a few and their sound shows how big of a contribution these artists made to their sound. Listening to Ryal, especially with What I Mean To You takes you to a different plane as if the duo has built a special soundscape.

The arrangement is a simple bass, drum, and synth combination with some smooth vocals to boot. Ryal has carefully selected which areas to add accents while keeping the verse parts fairly simple so as to not detract from the words and melodies made by the vocalist. This in turn allows the message to shine even further—an almost failing love story being salvaged by the couple’s understanding and efforts. One can say that it’s a slightly cheesy yet understandable trope that most can relate to.

"What I Mean To You" is a love letter to all the couples who are going through a lot but want to keep improving to save a relationship. With its calming arrangement and simple message, it’s bound to keep listeners interested.

Listen to "What I Mean To You" on Spotify here:

You can check out Ryal’s website here:

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