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Roisin O’ Hagan's - “Broken Wings” ~ Is a stable architecture of empowering moods!

A forest bench, dandelions are starting to sprout. In a distant horizon you hear lutes - that’s the way Roisin O’ Hagan’s newest single, Broken Wings, feels.

In terms of musicality, “Broken Wings” has a sturdy acoustic base that whirrs throughout the song like a dream. Layered on top are smooth pads, illiquified by keyboard melody motifs. It’d be a shame not to talk about Roisin’s singing abilities. Her baritone voice grips ears without sounding too harsh on the higher notes.

If you can imagine a female version of John Mayer during his ‘country era’, you’d be surprised how she makes this particular vibe her own. Hence her melodies grow on you. There is an air of natural serenity in this song that makes you want to be in nature or at least drive across an earthy landscape.

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