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Robbie Rapids - “Jasmine Girl" ~ Carefully crafted for those evening car rides!

Could Robbie Rapids make a more ringtone-friendly chorus? We think not, as the chord progressions seep through tastefully distorted guitars. The midwestern-vibes track "Jasmine Girl" gets our undivided attention today because of its earworm-y chorus and classic, crisp percussion.

Production’s crisp, embellishing frequencies that emanate through speaker systems would otherwise be unheard of in a muddy mix. We’d also be caught dead before skipping over the most important aspect of the song - the voice. Robbie’s vocals have this tangy presence to them, and the galvanizing inflection of speech allows you to hold attention.

Of course, what’s actually being said is another story: centrally to do with a, you guessed it, a girl. It seems this girl that Robbie’s writing lyrics about has got some sort of magical powers - allowing artists to create heavily inspired playlist songs.

We can only hope Robbie stores his creativity wisely, cause the journey is long and winding. But now he’s part of the UFA family so we’re here for him!

Listen to "Jasmine Girl" on Spotify here:

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