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Rich Chambers - A modern take on rock n’ roll with offbeat twists n’ turns!

Rich Chambers is next on our radar of Fresh Artists. Coming onto our digital stage as an established act that provides introspective yet danceable music. Could this be an instance of a modern cowboy?!

The song “I Wonder” delves deep into the artist’s ponderings, accompanied with ominous harmonica. A lesser musical device you’d encounter on your daily listens, is how Rich Chambers employs accents on the & of beats. All focus seems to cluster around this irregular rhythm, therefore putting it on a high-priority list of any listener looking for that unique zing. The harmonica really centers the whole vibe, probably placing it where it was intended - a cheery dive bar tune. As for Mr. Chambers himself, his unique vocal timbre has that familiar yet magnetic bluegrass aura around it. The singer undoubtedly has a lot of ponderings on his mind, everything to do with his (if you can pardon the pun) love in question.

Despite the fact that, in contemporary music terms, this type of music would be dated, Rich Chambers continues to gracefully find an audience. But I’m sure he’d appreciate if fresh new ears would also lend him a listen!

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