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Red City Format's “As of Tonight" - has such an enjoyable groove of guitar, bass & drums!

Instilled in expressionistic sensitivity, “As of Tonight” by Red City Format brings back a personal love event from the past. This 3-piece band could very well be included in some of the most popular anime intros.

It’s abnormal nowadays for emo punk acts to not appear cheesy. Red City Format avoids that by bringing some great execution within their boundaries. The thrashing yet centering groove of guitar, bass and drums lets it be enjoyed in numerous settings. Even though I think the mix could have been better, in some cases, the artistic choice is to not push it past something it’s not.

Overall, we are akin to know where and how Red City Format will develop in the future. It’s very much possible this band will surprise us as they keep realizing their vision. But there’s only so much one can write about an experience - better if you listened for yourself! Linked below :

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