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Raven Shelley's – “Do You Miss Me Yet" ~ Is an unexpected haunting theme!

Do you miss me yet? This is the question Raven Shelley asks right off the bat as she sings her latest single "Do You Miss Me Yet?". It is such a simple question that is casually blurted out that you tend to miss out on the the darkness of the other lyrics. Casual expletives and simple disses pass by—catching you out of nowhere as the song progresses and that is what makes it interesting. It gets you in a trance as you hear the simple guitar and vocal combo that the cursing and threats suddenly pull you out of the zone to question if what you heard was correct—and I think that was a good design choice for its entirety.

One could be mistaken to think that you are listening to a Fleetwood Mac track as it sets out the acoustic guitar like those in the same style. However, it does try to remind you that it is a different songstress altogether by playing with the dynamics of the song. While I previously mentioned the sudden appearance of expletives in the lyrics, the random shift of key during the chorus partnered with the addition of drums might also catch you off-guard. It is a bold choice hearing it as it takes you a little off your game, but then everything falls back into place as it is supposed to.

It is a wonderful but haunting masterpiece that aims to be original but also masterfully highlights Shelley’s story-telling style of singing.

I will admit most parts of the song were risky choices, but in over a minute it finds its groove and emphasizes that it makes safe decisions for the songwriting purpose. I do feel that the track could have used more variety in terms of the verse’s vocal melody, but other than that, it is a well-rounded track that is unique. I really enjoyed the classic feel that this track provided. The abrupt ending added an unsettling factor that really made the arrangement unique. The song really hooks you in, turns left during the chorus, returns to the safe zone, and ends before you get bored. "Do You Miss Me Yet" is a genius songwriting in such a simple formula!

You won’t want to miss Raven Shelley’s "Do You Miss Me Yet?"

Listen to "Do You Miss Me Yet?" on Spotify here -

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