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Pulse Park - Phonac Music ~ The guitar & bass combination plant the seed for vocal blossoming!

Pulse Park are a fledgling band on a quest to find their sound and tell its story. Such progress is evident from their most recent album ‘Phonac Music’. One particular track that struck an emotional chord with us was ‘Icaric’. Perhaps it’s one of those songs where an artist/band says a lot without necessarily entertaining too much sonically. We hear a story of reluctance to be involved in current affairs - an homage to personal wisdom.

We’re happy Pulse Park has achieved this much in such a short amount of time (forming in 2020), yet there’s still a ways to go. Their percussion is probably their least gripping aspect. Either plays on syncopation or ghost note inclusion would have brought this track to new heights. On the other hand, guitar + bass combo do plant the seed for vocals to blossom.

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