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Principe Valiente - “Barricades” ~ If you want synthy, swaying goodness, look no further!

As I’m listening to Principe Valiente’s “Barricades” single, the song extracts and romanticizes today’s summery evening in which I’m listening from. The track’s reverb uniformly emanates across its soundscape, a feature not strange to this type of synth-y sound. We hear a tinge of legacy influenced by bands such as: Depeche Mode, or even U2.

What separates this 4-piece band from the rest of dark-pop connoisseurs are seemingly distant vibes meshed together. To be more specific, I thought Barricades was gonna be a shoe-gazey anthem but the band installs more energy than usual. Another ‘feely’ focal point is that the song doesn’t bore out despite being over 4 minutes long. Well done. If I had to, I would definitely upload this track to my sunset highway drive playlist.

Expect “Barricades” to strum your emotions in unexpected directions while still staying true to its core belief. Check out the rest of their new album named after this very single - you won’t be disappointed!

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