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Pete Coppard - “You Will..." ~ Profound lyrics & genre-blending rock, captivating listeners!

It is clear from Pete Coppard's "You Will..." and his other songs that his lyrics are very thought-provoking and meaningful, making it difficult to criticize his music. He puts a lot of effort into his work, from deep self-reflection to the fun of his instrumentals. I enjoy his contemplative yet genre-bending rock music, which suggests that he is heavily influenced by classical rock. I would encourage him to continue exploring this genre in the modern world, where classical rock is becoming increasingly rare.

I would also like to hear more band ensembles from Pete, such as the ones in "Hide And Seek," "Dancing on My Own," and "Love Me (Make Me Believe)." His vocals are more powerful when he performs with a band, which I think suits him better. I really enjoyed these songs because he sounded so confident and clear in his intention behind each one. I think Pete will find more success by embracing his band and classical rock roots.

In conclusion, I would enjoy listening to more songs like "Lies That Make Us Real." If you have not heard the song before, you should expect a mix of "You Will..." with a live band in the background. The song reminds me of The Who, as it is full of energy from every instrument used. I really enjoyed diving into the world of Pete Coppard, and am looking forward to having the chance to listen to more of his music in the future and hope he continues using this platform as a way to promote his music.

If you would like to hear more of Pete’s music, then please click the links provided below. If you would like to follow him on any and all of his social media, then also like and follow the links below. I want to thank Pete again, he is definitely not a musician to miss in the rock genre. Lastly, thank you for reading this, and please don’t hesitate to comment with your thoughts below.

Listen to "You Will..." on Spotify here -

You can check out Pete Coppard’s facebook profile here:

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