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Peri Rae - A folkish, “going back to your roots” vibe with acoustic instrumentation & vocal vibrato!

For this entry, we’ve got Peri Rae, a rising indie artist from London. She has taken TikTok and BBC Introducing by storm recently so that’s some proof people enjoy her music. But we’re going to delve a little deeper, examining her latest single, ‘In Between’.

From the get-go, you can sense a folkish, “going back to your roots” attitude through acoustic instrumentation and the singer’s vocal vibrato. Peri’s ‘In Between’ explores topics of self-acceptance and newfound truths despite anxieties of potentially being outcast. Nowadays, artists write fast, machine-gun-like melodies to catch the listener’s attention, yet Peri Rae succeeds by letting the listener drift away into her own world. The chorus is catchy as hell too! One noticeable and unique aspect of this track is that halfway, it switches from a “guitar-led” song to a “piano-led” song. Perhaps giving homage to the song’s topic of being ‘In Between’. Clever!

We are buzzing for more of such intuitive songwriting from Peri Rae here at Underrated Fresh Art. Hope she blesses us with what she’s up to soon enough… the meantime, check and decide for yourselves!

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