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Olly Lagemann - Green ~ Harborer of distant dreamlike states!

Olly Lagemann has jumped onto our radar as a glistening German-pop extravaganza whose songs transport listeners to a distant memory they didn’t know they had!

Olly’s musical contraptions represent freedom of expression. Through polka-ish rhythms and heavily-processed vocals he offers us dreamlike states. I think his sound fully bloomed with the newest release - “Green”. Green is a 4 EP package of German love songs with an obvious degree of hyperpop. What Olly is doing would definitely be considered stylish, or even contrarian! My only pet peeve in the whole shabang is synthetic percussion. I guess being a trailblazer has its perks and troughs?

The EP in general is emulating pop with semi-pop elements. After getting accustomed to the nonchalant autotuned nature of Olly’s voice, the listening experience becomes a cruising journey of pleasantry. It’d be a shame to not recommend Olly’s “Green” EP at least once. Conveniently below!

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