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Natalie Clark – “Late Train” ~ Natalie Clark's voice radiate in this reassuring, bittersweet ballad!

Natalie Clark has a voice. That much is certain. The Scottish singer-songwriter, now based in the US, has been praised for her vocal talents by figures from Christina Aguilera to Blake Shelton to Sir Richard Branson – and it only takes a few seconds of listening to “Late Train” to get a sense of just how much of a voice Clark has. Her voice cuts through without being harsh; it grabs your attention without being whiny, and her technique is audibly well-practiced.

“Late Train” is a reassuring, if melancholy ballad. The song is lyrically straightforward, but one gets the sense that the lyrics aren’t the point here. A soft, keyboard-driven instrumentation similarly seems to serve as little more than a vehicle for Clark’s vocal prowess. This is hardly a criticism; I listened to the song three times and thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

I get the sense that Clark probably puts on a very impressive live show – besides, again, having a voice, she’s been named a “Hot 100 Live Artist” in Music Connection Magazine, is a JH Audio featured artist, and has toured the United States extensively. She has also been recognized with an award for Best Original Song at the Austin Under the Stars Film Festival.

The one thing “Late Train” is not, however, is a conventional, radio-ready hit single. It doesn’t aspire to be, but with the amount of talent Clark clearly has, it would seem a waste for her not to shoot for the stars on her next release, whatever it may be. I’d love to hear her absolutely nail a pop hook and end up somewhere on the Hot 100. She deserves it.

Listen to "Late Train" on Spotify here -

You can check out Natalie Clark’s website here:

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