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Mira Sthira - “Rip Tides” (Going Down - Mikheil Remix) ~ Don’t forget your oxygen!

Mira Sthira is going down where it's dark. The singer's newest release, a remix of her song "Rip Tides" by Mikheil, takes the listener on a fraught journey through the depths of a synthetic sea - with oxygen running low and sharks circling, this is anything but a pleasure cruise.

The core of this remix is a simple yet powerful sonic palette; the pulsating four-on-the-flour kick drum and heavy bassline recall the mechanical churn of a ship's propeller cutting through the waves. The layering of electronic elements creates a tense yet ambient atmosphere, reminiscent of a stormy ocean voyage. Sthira's vocals float in and out of the soundscape, heavily filtered at times, individual lyrics passing by like driftwood on the surf.

As I listened I found myself oddly mesmerized - I should have been distressed by the pessimistic, even desperate lyrics, yet somehow Mikheil's "Rip Tides" remix maintains a sense of euphoric vitality. The arrangement merges elements of contemporary EDM with an imposing cinematic quality - the track would feel as at home in a big-stage festival DJ set as it would as background music in a film. If not for the lyrics it would even make for a relaxing casual listen.

Altogether, "Rip Tides" is a pleasant listen - the convergence of melancholy lyrics and propulsive beats makes for a uniquely satisfying, even cathartic experience. It's almost as if Sthira and Mikheil are challenging us to chart a defiant path through the depths of our own oceans, defying our own (preferably figurative) sharks.

Listen to "Rip Tides (Going Down) - Mikheil Remix " on Spotify here -

You can check out Mira Sthira’s website here:

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