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Mia Delamar – “Silly” ~ Wake-up anthem for those who’ve felt like they needed to stand on their own!

Listeners may be hard-pressed to take a second listen to Mia Delamar’s "Silly". Mia Delamar describes herself as a “Swiss Army Knife of Music, the Female Usher” which kind of proves true. The music is also reminiscent of early Destiny’s Child and that’s saying a lot because she was able to capture the feel of the songs.

Girl power is prevalent in the song. Although it works in both perspectives, Silly feels like a female anthem to those looking to fight back and stand on their own feet. It’s a realization of the relationship and the situation the singer has gotten herself into and how she’ll bounce back.

The main element of bass and drums are prevalent within the song which gives the track a much-needed boost to make it very boppy. The guitar-sounding synth-inserts between the melody also help give the track a sharper feel making the song sound aggressive but controlled.

Lyrically, Mia Delamar brings her A-game. The rap parts towards the end really help set a strong finish to a very interesting music style. It’s part R&B, part-Hiphop, and part-Rap —a very fulfilling song that really dishes out everything within four minutes.

Listen to "Silly" on Spotify here -

You can check out Mia Delamar’s website here:

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