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Mel Fine's “Alone Together” - is a sweet spot between acoustic and electronic sounds!

There always exists the elusive sweet spot between acoustic and electronic sounds - an element fully flaunted in Mel Fine’s “Alone Together”. The artist has a history of dedicating their vocal chords to jazz singing, a feature that effortlessly grazes this track.

In terms of arrangement and production, every element was engineered for contemporary ears. The aspect of Latin American rhythms/strumming patterns definitely add a tinge of hopefulness that juxtaposes against the song’s minor key. I think Mel really knows how to get an audience moving & grooving whilst telling her story - whether it’d be a sad or a happy one. I’m wondering where Mel got her electronic music expertise? You don’t always hear an artist knowing its necessity in arranging a radio-friendly bop.

Closing off with a note about the lyrics: Mel’s longing to be alone together ideally reflects the track’s instrumental, a longing to find that comforting ‘sweet spot’ again.

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