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Mary Roze - The pure vocal and warm, low-key, ambient mix has the somber beauty of a prayer!

It's a thought provoking image on artist MayRoze's Spotify banner, suggesting some powerful emotive music maybe? This London based singer-songwriter-producer was born and raised in Switzerland and names Kate Bush, Sade, Bjork and Enya among her influences; there's a strong creative and distinctive flavour in that line-up.

Indeed, May has developed her own sound and identity, while still working on her vocal technique with International coaches; the fruits of which certainly show in her songs. May has recorded in London, New York and Paris, having her first hit in 2018 with 'Again'.

The single 'Heal' from her EP of the same name, is pure of vocal and hymn like in the warm, low-key, ambient atmospheric instrumental mix. And when the word 'prayer' comes up in the lyrics, that's what I felt summed the song up...Heal very much evokes the somber beauty of a prayer.

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