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Mark Winters' - “It Moves In You” ~ Tells a complete story that resonates with a bunch of people!

Fluid strides and romantic gestures are Mark Winters’ top novelties. Mark’s energy transpires through the screen and headphones for sure. A proponent of head voice blues, the artist is more on the side of telling a complete story that resonates with a bunch of people.

A very classic instrumentation on “It Moves In You”. The band he’s playing with work well to materialize Mark’s vision. I especially like the marching percussion that adds that waviness without letting off on the drive. Some piano trills, whirring high-octave guitar notes and Mark’s soft spoken voice all blend into the tale of tantalizing love.

The only bit that gets some constructive criticism is when the last choruses hit and the song’s main message is chanted throughout - all elements stay the same. Despite all that, Mark is definitely making waves in the soft rock space while having fun with it along the way.

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