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Macreamy Anthony ~ Nigerian Indie Artist exploring unique fusion styles and moods!

Here we are interview number two, delighted to sit with and know a bit more about the multi-talented Macreamy Anthony!

"Music comes to my head without invitation. Sometimes when playing my instruments for fun or while taking a walk down the Street."

1) Hello, welcome to the OG Music Blog Interview! First of all, tell us and our reader friends about yourself! My name is Ezeobele Anthony Onyeka from Anambra State. I am a student of the Music Department in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. I am also a music researcher.

2) What made you want to become a musician/artist? When did you started your musical journey?

Started music in the year 2010 while residing in Lagos. I always had passion for music though I come from a family of arts.

3) Which instruments do you play in general, which one you love most and why? I play both the guitar and piano. Love the guitar more because it helps with composition.

4) What is it you are passionate about music in general? Exploring different fusions and ethno styles. Networking with different artistes in the world.

5) Are there any musicians who inspire you? Don Jazzy, Timaya and Cavemen.

6) Briefly explain about your creative process for any project? It comes to my head without invitation. Sometimes when playing my instruments for fun or while taking a walk down the Street.

7) What kind of music you usually make or the mood/vibe you aim to create in general? I make Afro-fusion. I give any mood too but listening to my song will give you the idea of uniqueness.

8) Have you ever collaborated? If yes, then say something about it like with whom or your experience in collaborating with others?

I have collaborated with an artiste from Tobago. Name is Ihouma Straughn George on a song name "Jolly". I produced the song and was featured too. The experience was nice and it was my first time working with a 14 year old girl.

9) Which qualities do you think a great musician should possess? Melodic rhythms and expression.

10) Any weaknesses you think you have or if you have any awkward moments/memories as a musician/artist?

I think my weakness would be stage performance. I am not much into stage performance as I would prefer to perform with a band than with a DJ. I feel awkward singing on top of my song. I see it as noise. Lol.

11) Any particular venue you'll be performing at or release that you might be having in the coming months? A few words on it please. I am majorly into recording. I although get contracted to train some musicians with my band for upcoming shows in my city. But for me, no.

12) One last question. What's the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you or you might give to others like our musician friends reading this? Thanks. As a musician, try to learn a music instrument. Explore other genres of music. Do not expect immediate returns from your music. Make music as Art.

We at OG Music congratulate Macreamy Anthony and wish him all the best for all his future musical endeavours. Check out his music below ~

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