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Mac Summer - “Suddenly The Rain” ~ More Hooks Than A Bait Shop!

It’s no secret that during what was arguably the worst period ever for mainstream Top 40 pop (the mid to late 2010s), EDM was the sole segment of modern music that wasn’t putting out turgid, limp garbage. As the mainstream has regained its strength, however, EDM has seemingly gone back into the dredges, awaiting a champion to unleash it back into the awaiting masses.

Like Arthur removing Excalibur from its rocky sheath, New Zealand-based producer Mac Summer has yielded a truly dynamic force of nature that harkens back to the days of Tritonal, Deorro, and the late great Avicii with the liquid flame of “Suddenly the Rain”. Opening with a tinkly flourish of keys and warm pads, the reverie is quickly set asunder by a high octane, driving dynamo of a track, full of big beats and energetic hooks.

Those hooks…yeah, it’s safe to say “Suddenly the Rain” will get stuck in your head deep enough to drive one to distraction in the manner of Jack Torrance, with melodies that are so infectious, they should require two shots plus one booster. Simply put, this is one track that both harkens back to yesteryear while still managing to sound like the future.

An EDM track that sounds as good at home while snuggling with a loved one as it does on the dance floor is a rarity, yet Mac Summer has hit that lofty peak and then some. With more hooks than a bait shop, “Suddenly the Rain” should wind up being a stepping stone to stardom for him, easily. So, crank the volume up to the max and prepare to be washed away in auditory’ll thank me later.

Listen to "Suddenly The Rain" on Spotify here -

You can check out Mac Summer’s website here:

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