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Luna Keller – “Wolves" ~ Is an out-of-body experience putting you in an ethereal state of mind!

Luna Keller’s "Wolves" begins with an ambient synth that sets the mood for what feels like a legitimate out-of-body experience. The simple Oohs backed by the folk guitar really does the trick into putting you into the proper state of mind for consuming the song. Luna’s vocals evoke emotions that really touch the listener's heart and soul. Sometimes, it is the simplest of arrangements that bring out the best version of a song—the same can be said true of Wolves.

Luna’s guitar mastery is especially wonderful on the track—not a surprise considering she’s played it since she was thirteen. However, it is not all guitars and ambiance for the track. A quite simple bass and drum backing track carefully slide within the notes to give depth to the solemn song—adding more warmth to it.

Speaking of warmth, the eclectic mix of vocals during the song’s climax really adds the much-needed texture to the song—much like a chant of sorts—adding flavor to the already fluid mix of elements from within. Acting as a counterpoint to Luna’s light and soothing voice, the low register of the backing vocals provides an added flavor that slowly turns the song into an atmospheric mix that takes it to another level.

Clearly, this song is about a lost loved one and the intent to set them free—emotionally, spiritually, and metaphorically. With each time she blurts out the lines “Hope you’re dancing with the wolves” as well as the subsequent high-pitched vocalizations that follow certain parts of the songs, you feel the emotional struggle and pain the song evokes—almost similar to a sirenic scream or the titular wolf howl.

I have listened to her discography, and clearly, Wolves is a step in a new direction. It is a track that I hope she follows up with another soothing melodic tune because this is one that hits the right spots and notes. Luna can easily fit in with the likes of The Civil Wars, Iron & Wine, or even acts like Bon Iver, Kodaline, or Birdy.

If you are looking for a deep cut that will take you to a sentimental and serene place, Wolves will have you in a trance-like state of tranquility and peace.

Listen to Wolves on Spotify here :

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