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​​Luke Tangerine – “Digital Sin” ~ Retrowave virtuoso charges forward into 90s Rave vibes!

So I’ve become something of a fan of Luke Tangerine lately. I’ve had the privilege to review three of his songs now and each one has been a very satisfying listen. The Frankfurt-based electronic virtuoso just keeps churning out solid track after solid track, and besides a little gripe with the vocals on his single “I Adore You” with Carlos Ucedda, I have not been disappointed with his work at all.

Digital Sin,” his latest release, has not broken the spell, either. This is an interesting one – it sees Luke Tangerine deviate from his established 80s-inspired retro-wave style to incorporate more elements of 1990s dance music. The track is driven by a potent, ear-grabbing 303-esque bassline, complemented by a similarly 90s-sounding 909ish drum sample and a whole lot of filter automation (or modulation?). There’s even a house organ, and between that, the four-on-the-floor drum pattern, and the aforementioned 90s synth sounds, this is a song that makes you want to dance. (Or at least, makes me want to dance. I love 90s rave music.)

As is usual for Luke Tangerine, the composition doesn’t meander or lose interest at all – each section is tight, the composition is immaculate, the different parts flow into one another without being jarring… it’s a good arrangement, basically. The song foregoes lyrical content which – given my reservations about “I Adore You,” may be the best direction for Luke Tangerine to go in. He’s perfectly capable of working with instrumentals. I don’t think he necessarily needs to be making vocal-driven music. If anything, I hope his work lands him a sync placement or two (or many) – the man deserves it.

Also typical of Luke Tangerine’s work is the exceptional production value. While the song doesn’t sparkle or smash you in the face like modern dance hits, it captures the essence of 90s rave music while retaining a modern clarity and sense of three-dimensional space that was simply not present back in the day. Luke Tangerine has, again, done a fantastic job bringing retro vibes into the present without compromising on either old-school aesthetics or modern appeal.

Digital Sin” suggests that Luke Tangerine is perhaps more versatile a composer than the material he’s released so far as let on. I almost wonder if the man is about to take us, through the course of his discography, on a journey through the history of electronic music. If that’s the case – Luke, if you’re reading this – I can’t wait until you reach drum’n’bass and UK garage. Please get there soon.

Anyway, “Digital Sin” is a great piece of work by Luke Tangerine, an excellent addition to his discography and a testament to his prowess as a purveyor of electronic music. I can’t wait to hear more.

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A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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