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Love Ghost - “Snap” feat. Chzter & BrunOG ~ Love Ghost keeps raging!

When I reviewed Love Ghost’s single “Haunted House” in August, I got the sense that this is a band that really wants to go hard. They’ve released another two singles, since then, most recently “Snap,” and cemented my view that this is a band that is thoroughly committed to making music to rage to. Love Ghost’s sound encapsulates the fusion of pop punk and rap that has become ever more popular in recent years, and on “Snap” they lean even more into the dark, gothic sonics that define this emergent style.

“Snap” grabs you from the very start with Chzter’s line “I’mma cut off your d**k, b**ch,” followed by a sinister, distorted, vocal-fried verse delivered presumably by frontman Finnegan Bell. The chorus, featuring the lyric “Uh oh, there’s blood on the floor / oh no, you said you wanted more” drives the point home: Love Ghost are committed to their gory, aggressive aesthetic sensibilities.

The instrumentals are very much in line with Love Ghost’s style and their genre overall. Knocking drums and heavy 808s drive the arrangement Absent is the distorted guitar featured in “Haunted House” and its follow-up, “GLOCK,” but I don’t miss it – the vocals take up plenty of space, especially when Chzter’s verse comes in, combining a low, distorted rap line with a higher screamed vocal reminiscent of IC3PEAK or Siiickbrain.

The production on “Snap is rough compared to Love Ghost’s earlier singles, but that might be the point. The song is gritty, it has sharp edges, and it’s not supposed to put you at ease. A highly polished production wouldn’t land the same, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the rawness of the performance and mix were intentional.

Overall, “Snap” is the logical continuation of Love Ghost’s stylistic trajectory. They know what kind of music they want to make, and they’re doing it well. With Halloween coming up, I can see much of their discography making it onto many a playlist befitting spooky season, especially if the playlister(s) in question have some hard partying lined up for the last day of October. To take the point further, I feel like I’d love to go to a Love Ghost show ON Halloween. “Snap,” like much of their music, is definitive high-octane mosh pit fuel.

I’m very interested to see where Love Ghost goes after this. They could easily double down on what they’re doing or pivot to more guitar-centered work. Whatever they do, though, one thing is certain: it’ll go hard.

Listen to "Snap" on Spotify here -

You can check out Love Ghost’s website here:

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