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Love Ghost – “LEFT ON READ” ~ Love Ghost goes full pop-punk, and it’s great!

Love Ghost really grabbed my heart with this one. LEFT ON READ is a classic emo/pop-punk rocker, the type of song that would have fit right in on just about anybody’s car CD player mixtape back in the mid-to-late 2000s. But that’s not to say it sounds dated – there’s just enough of a modern touch to this song to keep it feeling fresh and current, and it’s a perfectly logical progression in the band’s discography.

LEFT ON READ” dispenses with much of the more modern, trap-influenced instrumentation of other Love Ghost releases I’ve heard, opting instead for distorted guitars and heavy drums as the bulk of the rhythm section. Nonetheless, there is some nice synth pad work and a few productions touches that mark it as truly modern, maintaining a thoroughly contemporary feel. The vocal delivery by singer Finnegan Bell remains clearly influenced by hip-hop as well in his flow and melodic choices, with the guest rap verse by Wiplash underscoring that aesthetic.

The performance on “LEFT ON READ” is energetic and engaging, with the aforementioned hip-hop inflections in both Bell and Wiplash’s vocals bringing a certain flair to what would otherwise be a stock pop-punk song. The latter’s verse in particular, lyrically dense and flowing smoothly from syllable to syllable is a highlight of the piece.

Lyrically, this is a fairly standard emo song – post-breakup angst about being “left on read” being the principal theme. Standard fare perhaps, but delivered in a compelling, catchy package that is both reminiscent of the past and firmly rooted in the present.

Instrumentally, once again, this is a fairly standard emo song. But the addition of heavy bass, synth pads, and polished production amplifies the emotional impact of “LEFT ON READ” and spares it from being what could very easily have been more tribute to a bygone era than a fresh new release.

I have to say, I definitely enjoyed listening to “LEFT ON READ,” and played it through a few times on repeat until the chorus was stuck in my head. This is a surefire playlist-topper and scratches the itch that anyone partial to emo, pop-punk, and/or post-hardcore inevitably feels when looking for something new to listen to.

Listen to "LEFT ON READ" on Spotify here -

You can check out Love Ghost’s website here:

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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