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Love Ghost - “Angelic” ~ Love Ghost battles his demons with love, can he win?

Almost a regular feature on our blog, Love Ghost is a band that always tries something new and it always seems to work quite well, as we have seen previously they mixed trap with emo rock and hip-hop to make a hybrid genre, which they call trap rock. With a new sound each time, they create songs like "Hollywood Blvd", which lands on the rock part of the spectrum, or "Dopeman" which lands on the rap end of the spectrum. With every song being unique Love Ghost evidently shows a mastery of different genres. From trap to rock to simple love songs, Love Ghost masters them all!

This time, using simple lyrics to convey complex feelings, Love Ghost uses a stripped-down alt-rock ballad called "Angelic" to express post break-up feelings with a love interest. It is a straightforward tune, with a short guitar chord progression that carries the lyrics perfectly, and the melody is simple and easy on the ears. Finnegan, the lead singer of the band, conveys heartfelt emotions with his soulful vocals, especially in lines like, "Love will kill me if I let it" and "Complicated love is so angelic, I don't know just where I'm headed", delving into the midwestern emo style. Although Love Ghost does not really challenge any barriers in this particular song, however they highlight the mastery of the simple raw lyrics, creating a poignant and evocative vibe, that's soft on the ears but heavy in the heart and mind. Love Ghost manages to weave raw emotion into the lyrics while following a basic format.

    This song is not for everyone, Love Ghost has a demographic and they cater to them perfectly, gaining more traction within the emo community. While some may say this is cringey, you must admit that the sound is really heart-touching, even if you don’t necessarily connect with the lyrics, again as this song is not for everyone. Everybody has their unique sound and Love Ghost has capitalized on his masterfully. If you're looking for a song for when you have just gone through a breakup, or you're just feeling sad, Love Ghost is for you. If you're looking for something upbeat and happy, this is simply not for you, as Love Ghost will make you feel the complex emotions Finnegan felt when singing this song.

I am absolutely hyped to see, or rather say listen to what's next from Love Ghost and so highly recommend you to please follow and like them on all streaming and social media platforms, if you enjoy too what you hear below.

Listen to "Angelic" on Spotify and Youtube here -

You can check out Love Ghost’s website here:

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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