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Live In Color - “Yes To Me” ~ When it comes to pop, Sweden stays on top!

“Yes To Me” is the latest single from Swedish pop-rock band Live In Color, and what pop-rock it is! Driven by a repeating synthesizer line, energetic slap bass, and a massive chorus, “Yes To Me” is the kind of song that people go crazy for at festivals.

As is to be expected from the Swedish, the songwriting is solid, the production is tight, the melodies are catchy, and nothing feels out of place. Live In Color already have plenty of achievements as a group, testaments to their capabilities: their song “Catch The Feeling” was the official song for the European Universities Rowing Championships, and their single “A Better Me” received attention in the UK and at the Hollywood Independent Music Awards.

More than another solid piece of discography under their belt, however, “Yes To Me” is the kind of single that a pop-rock band should be making in 2023 when pop-rock is hardly a thing anymore. Live In Color has clearly committed to keeping the sound alive and is doing it with gusto. This song is playlist candy for just about anyone who still listens to pop-rock.

Live In Color describes their music as happy, emotional, dreamy, and adventurous – and while stylistically they may not be as adventurous as they’d like, “Yes To Me” ticks all the other boxes. I hope this band goes on a festival tour in Europe soon because they’ll absolutely crush every set they play and no doubt gain a sizeable cohort of new fans.

And here’s to Sweden for giving us one more great musical act. I don’t know how they do it, but they do – and Live In Color certainly don’t let their country’s reputation down.

Listen to “Yes To Me” on Spotify here -

You can check out Live In Color’s Instagram profile here:

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