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Kelsie Kimberlin - “We Are The Promise” ~ Delivers on its Sonic Vow of Defying Tyranny and Stirring Core Motivation!

Today, we welcome again, the captivating American-Ukrainian singer-songwriter, Kelsie Kimberlin, to discuss her latest release "We Are The Promise". Her versatile artistry, poignant songwriting, and infectious melodies continue to influence and inspire audiences worldwide. She stands as a luminous artist who demonstrates her profound understanding of the creative power of music with crucial social themes and metaphors in her music. From an early age, her musical journey began and led her to become an integral part of Yoko Ono's Peace Project. She spent countless hours in the hallowed halls of music studios and honed her craft, shaping her unique sound and refining her artistic vision. With unwavering dedication, she poured her soul into every lyric, and every melody, crafting songs that spoke to the heart and stirred the spirit.

Released on all streaming platforms, "We Are The Promise", is a magnificent message about ordinary citizens opposing authoritarianism. Inspired by the 2022 Russia-Ukraine crisis, the music video for the song was filmed in Ukraine. The song made in hopes of raising awareness of the threats to freedom and democracy from dictators around the world. This experimental track features a powerful orchestral score performed by the Kyiv Radio Symphony Orchestra. Kimberlin hopes to inspire everyone who is similarly held down to rise and fulfill their divine promise.

Kelsie is a definite one to watch, and if you haven’t heard of her then prepare to be inspired! I hope you enjoyed this track, and if you did then please follow and like her on all social media and streaming platforms. Thank you for reading this, and please read the rest of this magnificent blog! I hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy your week/weekend, and please stay safe.

Listen to "We Are The Promise" on Spotify here -

Watch the captivating music video of "We Are The Promise" on Youtube here -

You can check out Kelsie Kimberlin’s website here for further info -

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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