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katie drives – “Next To You” ~ An awesome pop-punk track that uses its lyrics to full effect!

katie drives’ "Next To You" is a strong-sounding rock track that brings a unique feel to the genre. Initially, what sets her apart is her unique vocal tone and timbre. Nowadays, it’s quite rare to hear someone who sings in that range and that’s what makes the track very interesting. Highly reminiscent of Evanescence’s Amy Lee, her vocals are on that level, if not more.

Speaking of her singing, her lyric delivery is also quite unique. The different syllabication of the words catches the listeners' attention and forces them to keep up and keep listening. The way she sings the words towards the pre-chorus and the chorus really helps build the song’s dynamics.

The music is very natural sounding as well. katie drives keeps it simple and relatable and focus on the singing to create a fun song with an easy-to-follow melody. The beat is also easy to follow and it allows listeners to jam along. The build-ups for the song are reminiscent of tracks from Paramore and other pop-punk, or rock songs of a similar style. The breaks really help set the chorus apart and create a perfect mix and balance.

Listen to "Next To You" on Spotify here -

You can check out katie drives’ website here:

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