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Kate Ellis - “Other Side Of The Street (Radio Edit)” ~ Pleasantly joyful country-pop!

Louisiana-born (and London based!) country-folk artist Kate Ellis recently released her second album Spirals, which was full of the joyous Americana sound that entranced fans of her debut album. Based on the quality of the track “Other Side of the Street” off her latest, it’s a safe bet to say her winning streak continues.

From the very first listen, the bouncy feel of the track is incredibly invigorating and engaging, with a more modern take on the genre than may be initially expected, although entirely welcomed. Sonic treats aplenty awash the listener in aural delights, especially with Ellis’s warm, heartfelt vocals. There are moments where I’m reminded of “Guess You Had to be Here” (the infectiously catchy duet with Kacey Musgraves and the legendary Brian Wilson), in the best possible way.

“Other Side of the Street” was written by frequent collaborator Tom Hackwood, albeit initially as an introspective ballad. Per Ellis herself, “ …we thought it would work really well as an upbeat country pop song. I’ve always enjoyed the way Abba combined jubilant and catchy melodies with lyrics about heartbreak and loss, and I like how our treatment of this song tries to do the same thing.” The right decision definitely was made here…the final arrangement takes what could have been a melancholy dirge and instead is full of joyful exuberance that is quite pleasant.

This is a song that bears repeat listening. Indeed, this is love at first listen. Do yourself a favor and take a listen (or three)’ll be glad you did!

Listen to “Other Side of the Street” on Spotify here -

You can check out Kate Ellis website here -

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