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Kalulu – “Videodisks” ~ Is a surreal out-of-body experience!

Kalulu and Holyoke’s "Videodisks" is a serene music journey that takes you out of this world. The ethereal-sounding vocals sound heavenly and feel like they’re something fit for late-night listening. The selection of the organ sounds really adds to the texture of the track. Coupled with the lo-fi arrangement and it’s a mixture of creative sounds that will soothe your soul.

The choices of instruments feel like they’re highly contrasting with the vocal style presented, yet it works because it’s so exotic sounding to the ear. As the song talks a lot about going on a trip down memory lane, the vibe that it gives off is quite mind-bending.

Some of the synths feel too strong for my tastes, but it helps tell the story of the song as a whole. Imagine a mishmash of sounds that shouldn’t work, but does because of the cohesiveness of how it feels.

The haunting tone set by a few of the sounds—especially the repeating “you”—sticks to the brain allowing great recall of the music. If songwriter/producer Marinka Stam intended for this effect, then Kalulu has made such an abstract piece of art that is worth a listen to if you’re looking for something that feels and sounds new.

Listen to "Videodisks" on Spotify here:

You can check out Kalulu’s website here:

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