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k!ve ~ US based Massachusetts native upcoming artist writes songs to deeply connect & uplift people

Here we are with our interview number three, delighted to sit with and know a bit more about the multi-talented k!ve!

k!ve has found his sound in these vibrant and spacey tracks that touch on real emotions & subjects and slows things down a bit in the best way. "Take Me To Mercury" is about finding peace in a world full of chaos. it’s hectic out there, i just hope people can find tranquility nowadays.”

1) Hello, welcome to the OG Music Blog Interview! First of all, tell us and our reader friends about yourself!

i’m just a regular guy with dreams & aspirations. there’s nothing special about k!ve, hence the artist name being all lowercase - to show there is no ego here. the exclamation point in the name is solely to add emphasis for anyone who knows me on a personal level that, yes this *is* me making this music, because on a personal level i’m just like anyone else, i just so happen to have a passion for music.

2) What made you want to become a musician/artist? When did you started your musical journey?

it’s always been a part of my life. my dad had a home made studio built in the basement of our house when i was only 6-7 years old. my mother, who has a beautiful voice, would sing as his artist. the songs never came out publicly but our family still has the discs somewhere. anyhow, it’s always been a around me, i just never took it serious until i was about 20 years old.

3) Which instruments do you play in general, which one you love most and why?

i’m not talented on any instrument, i’ve played piano, bass, and guitar but i only know the basics. i’ve always been terrible at reading the notes though i am open to learning.

4) What is it you are passionate about music in general? telling your story, being able to relate with others. connecting. i wanna let others’ know they’re not alone in their battles.

5) Are there any musicians who inspire you? artists like The Weeknd & Tory Lanez. both have been in the game for a while now and have remained consistent while maintaining quality content - their love for music shows through their work. i recently became keen on sounds like 070 Shake, but i like all types of tunes from “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef to “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron. but if it’s anything that inspires me about music in general are the different vibes it can give off.

6) Briefly explain about your creative process for any project? when i listen to a song i wanna feel like i’m listening to a story. so whether i’m making a single, or a project with multiple tracks, i want it to feel like it’s a story from beginning to end.

7) What kind of music you usually make or the mood/vibe you aim to create in general?

"I Don’t Want This" - this song is a bit complicated to explain to be honest. that being because it’s not a song to me, it’s just my thoughts, and as articulate as i can be, it’s actually pretty tough for me to explain said thoughts. but let me start by saying this “song” has multiple meanings. i chose the title “I Don’t Want This” because the topics i’m speaking on are all topics that i don’t want in life. I Don’t Wan’t love/relationships - been there done that, im not against it, but i’ve come to the realization it’s not for me, i’ve love heavily and lost just the same, and i personally don’t wanna experience that hurt again. I Don’t Want money - i like to have it of course (who doesn’t) but i’m not pressured for it, meaning i’m okay with a simple life so long as i have a steady income. I Don’t Want fame - i have a saying i usually write at the end of my notes, “i write to connect.” it means i do this because i know there are people in the world who struggle with their thoughts & emotions, it can feel real lonely sometimes so i just hope that i can help those people in the dark times, as for fame though ? nah i’m just a regular guy. as for the last topic i’m speaking on in this song i would suggest a warning to some readers for what i’m about to let out cause it’s pretty dark - i have bad thoughts to say the least, thoughts that tell me i shouldn’t be here and that i don’t belong, so i speak on that in my music here and there. i know there are others who have those same dark thoughts, so when i speak on it in my music it’s less of me trynna be a debbie downer and more to show that even though i have these battles i’m still here fighting. we’re all here for a reason, and we all have a purpose as individuals. it’s a pretty complicated “song” i know. but it’s for that reason it’s not a song to me, just my head.

8) Have you ever collaborated? If yes, then say something about it like with whom or your experience in collaborating with others?

yes. i love collaborations. i’ve collaborated with all types of artist, from hip hop, to pop, to rock. i’ve done collaborations with artists in my area like DropKickKarri, KhalilHeart, NBS Malay, and my brothers JV & MallyJetski. i’ve also done collaborations with a spanish artist called Røsmil, he’s very underground right now but very talented nonetheless - he has a song coming out on May 5th of 2023 called “Cómo Lo Explico” and we’re also working on a Spanish/English project, but i’m not going to say much on that. i love collaborations because you connect with others when it comes to music. music is a lifestyle, so usually when you understand someone’s music style you can understand them.

9) Which qualities do you think a great musician should possess? consistency. it doesn’t matter how you do it so long as you keep doing it.

11) Any weaknesses you think you have or if you have any awkward moments/memories as a musician/artist?

when i’m on stage i kinda freeze up. not to a point where i’m not moving but i don’t fully express myself in my body language. i’m aware it’s something i need to work on, i wanna be a great performer and i will be eventually.

10) Any particular venue you'll be performing at or release that you might be having in the coming months? A few words on it please. album. k!ve x Røsmil . TBA .

12) One last question. What's the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you or you might give to others like our musician friends reading this? Thanks. never give up. as cliché as it sounds. i know this road gets tough.. but i believe life, no matter what lifestyle you live, is about your strength of character throughout your daily battles. we all struggle, but how we deal with our struggles says a lot about who you really are. true strength is mental strength.

We at OG Music congratulate k!ve and wish him all the best for all his future musical endeavours. Check out his music below ~

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