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k!ve - “I Don’t Want This” ~ You Want To Hear This!

One thing that generally sucks about getting older is the level of disconnect one feels with the generation(s) after theirs. Case in point: the rise of artists with numbers or punctuation replacing letters in names…when did this start? How does one pronounce this name? Is it “kive”? Maybe the exclamation point is silent, or maybe it’s actually the letter E and things just got weird.

What is known, however, is that 24-year-old Springfield artist k!ve’s latest release, the enchanting “I Don’t Want This”, is an excellent song, full of melodic goodness and truly outstanding production. There are really clever production touches throughout, from unexpected synth flourishes to a pleasantly understated beat. There’s a touch of tuning used on the vocals, but it’s applied with a gentle touch as opposed to drowning the vocals in it.

In fact, understated is a great way to sum up “I Don’t Want This” in general; compared to a lot of other songs in this genre, there’s no heavy-handed boasting or overly melodramatic whining. k!ve has achieved a rare feat…a modern hip-hop-influenced ballad with subtlety and elegance. His vocals perfectly encapsulate the emotions behind the lyrics and fit right into the vibe rather than trying to call attention to themselves on their own, which is greatly appreciated.

So yeah, needless to say, we have a real winner here. I’d even venture out on a limb and say k!ve has whipped a tune that far surpasses much of what’s on the charts these days. This is a ballad that should stay on a listener’s playlist for a long time without getting old. If you enjoy subtly emotional ballads with top notch production and a cool laid-back vibe, go and check this out immediately. Highly recommended.

Listen to "I Don’t Want This" on Spotify here -

You can check out k!ve’s instagram here:

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