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July - “Circus” ~ A deep hip-hop / R&B banger that feels inspired by multiple famed musical acts!

You’d be mistaken to assume that "Circus" was performed by The Weeknd or by other similar R&B acts, but it’s not. July’s sound is comparable to heavy hitters such as the previously mentioned singers, but he executes his song in a way that feels highly original to him. The swagger is there, and even in vaguely familiar territory, the song still sounds unique.

The track itself feels like it could’ve been produced by Drake or Kanye West. The heavy 808s pumping the bass brings out the nice tone of July’s voice. While the lyrics are quite simple and easy to follow, it also works well because it’s meant to entertain.

The delivery of the lyrics feels very relaxed and it also emulates a similar sound to the aforementioned artists. It’s a track that will pull you in because of familiarity but will surprise you because it’s from someone who you least expected. Even with the simple delivery, July brings some swagger when he mentions the luxurious things.

It’s a song that one could listen to on a simple night drive strolling through the streets. Turn the bass up to fully enjoy the feels of this one. It’s a solid banger that will definitely please the listener.

Listen to "Circus" on Spotify here -

You can check out July’s website here:

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