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Josh Tepper -“Guide Me Meron"~ A hopeful anthem bolstered by exquisite vocals & pristine production!

Certain songs have the power to make you feel like the sun has just come out on a cloudy day. "Guide Me Meron", the newest single from New York-based singer Josh Tepper, is just one of these pieces.

Described as a "kabbalistic anthem about the spiritual Mount Meron," a poignant reference to the mountain tomb of a 2nd-century Rabbi, the lyrics describe facing struggles in life and finding strength in one's faith. The religious theme is certainly present throughout the song, emphasized especially in the bridge. Tepper's heartfelt words find him encouraging himself, and listeners, to find their path and overcome obstacles with unwavering determination.

One might expect to hear a song like this at the pivotal point in a feature film when the main character feels they can't go on but perseveres nonetheless. The song is cinematic in feel - it's epic, there's no question about that, and Tepper's aim to create an "anthem" is thoroughly fulfilled. Propelled by an arpeggiated piano, Tepper's clear, immaculately tuned voice, and thundering drums in the chorus, "Guide Me Meron" is unambiguously an uplifting and hopeful song.

Tepper demonstrates he's a talented songwriter on "Guide Me Meron" and perhaps that should come as no surprise. As an alumnus of Manhattan's Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, a performing arts school whose other notable alumni include Nicki Minaj and Timothée Chalamet, Tepper is well prepared to be yet another star performer to share that educational background.

The production is also noteworthy. Boasting a powerful yet crisp and refreshingly uncluttered sound, the song is as ready as any for Spotify playlists or radio airplay. Altogether, "Guide Me Meron" is an uplifting, anthemic piece - a ray of musical sunshine with a radiant pop sound and immaculate production; cinematic, inspirational and a definite display of Tepper's musical ability.

Listen to "Guide Me Meron" on Spotify here -

You can check out Josh Tepper’s instagram here:

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